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Everyone's favourite phrase(みんなの推しフレーズ)-ĉerm pfitov ed.

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⚠️Caution⚠️:This article contains blue story. Please view with caution.

Hello, I'm ĉerm pfitov.This time I took part in "みんなの推しフレーズ(Everyone's favourite phrase)"organised by Migdal!
I will introduce words for emphasis in various languages.

The first is "・好". This is _ Cantonese(Yue Chinese)_.
The literal translation is "good (male/female genitalia) "1.

『ex.:你係好靚仔啊。(You're bloody good-looking guy.)』

The second is "他妈的(他媽的)". This is Chinese.
"他妈的" means "his mother's"
The origin is " 我肏他妈的屄(我肏他媽的屄) " but it's a real broadcast ban level, so please look up the meaning yourself (you think I'm going to tell you ^^? I'll get banned if I tell you!!!).

『ex.:這真他媽好吃/这真他妈好吃。(This is bloody delicious.)』

The third is fucking. It's a well-known English emphasis.

『ex.:What a fucking good game!』

The fourth is "bloody". This is a British English emphasis.
This is a non-banned words 2 unlike other languages.

banned word level: FUCKSHIT>[The Big Chasm]>BLOODY>[The Big Chasm]>QUITE etc.
(For reference only.)

『ex.:Bloody hell!』

The last one is "クソ". This one is Japanese for emphasis.
The literal translation is "poop"
If we think about it, why does poop 💩 represent emphasis...?
If it's emphasis on something negative, it's still acceptable, but...

『ex.:あのコンビニの店員、クソ可愛い!(That convenience store cleak is bloody cute!)』

That concludes my introduction!
I find emphases so varied and interesting!
Did you have a favourite emphatic expression?
My favourite is 💩クソ 💩 (◦ˉ ˘ ˉ◦)!

  1. 廣東粗口五大字 

  2. イギリス人が毎日言ってるBloodyは放送禁止用語なの?