Tomohiro Nakano/Tormis Narno
Tomohiro Nakano/Tormis Narno

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Sketch of Proto-Ethúlic Verbs

  • Numbers: singular, dual, plural
  • Persons: first, second, third
  • Tenses: present, past, (tenseless)
  • Aspects: imperfective, perfective, progressive, usitative/iterative, stative
  • Voices: active, passive
  • Moods: indicative, subjunctive, imperative, optative/desiderative, prospective, causative

  • Each verb is composed of a root, optional affixes (in the order of aspect > mood > voice), and an ending which marks the number and person.

  • Each verb has an inherent aspect, which can be altered via affixation.

  • There are ablauting and non-ablauting verbs.