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Sarah Weaver


Nouns: Non Negated

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This are the loan word from French I'm currently using. I may need to go back and replace S with a Z.


man – le homme, un homme, les hommez
woman – la femme, une femme, les femmez
boy – le garcon, un garcon, les garconz
girl – la fille, un fille, les fillez


American - Amerique Du Nord
France - La France
Japan - La Japon


house - le maizon
cabin - la cabine
residence - la demeure
sign - le zigner
bus - l’autobus
school - l’ecole
pool - le buz
yard - la cour

Nouns Learned From Alsatian Dialect Of German

Currently trying to decide whether to use German word genders or French word genders. As a side trivia, a lot of the brothers Grimm were actually inspired by the Swiss German region of France. This region was fought over between France and Germany and finally settling after World War II.

eagle - de Adler
bumble bee - de Imm
eel - de Aal
apricot - d’Abrikos
ancor - d’Anker
angel - d’Engel
watering can - d’spranz
tree - d’baume
cabinet - d’kaschte
artichoke - de artischo
spaghetti - d’sparichel