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Les Adjectives: Os Azusacos

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The French color scheme based on the medieval color palette.

Basic Pigments

Noir - Black
Gris - Gray
Blanc - White
Rouge - Red
Vert - Green
Bleu - Blue
Mauve- Purple
Jaune - Yellow
Orange - Orange
Braun - Brown
Violette - Violet

Custom Pigments

These palettes will be referenced later. Each color is initially black, but then changes to a different natural color derived from a natural pigment or spice.

Gris Violette Rouge - Grey Violet Red
Gris Fonce - Dark Grey
Gris Braun - Grey Brown
Gris Green - Grey Green
Gris Ginger - Grey Ginger
Gris Rust-Red - Grey Rust Red


Different varieties of shapes in French.

Square - Carré
Circle - Cercle
Triangle - Triangle
Hexagon - Hexagone


The different sizes of objects in French.

Tiny - Minuscule
Small - Petit
Medium - Moyen
Big - Gros
Large - Grande
Huge - Énorme


These description can sometimes also be nouns depending on the context. For example, Ojijaku is derived from the Alsatian French author and illustrator Oncle Hanzi, or Jean Jacquez Walts. It literally means "Uncle Jacquez"

Historical Context

When the Alsatian French immigrated to the US at the end of the 21st century, they brought much of their German folklore to the US including fairy tales and political figures. To be Ojijaku, or an Ojijaku is to be either a creator or be like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.


Ojijaku - fairytale ( perjorative )

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