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Personal Pronouns 人称代名詞

Peacetime Personal

Personal pronouns are the pronouns one refers to oneself.

Je - I
Vouz - You all
Tu - You
Nouz - We
Il - He
Ilz - Him
Elle - She
Ellez - Her

War Personal

These are war pronouns, and used only during the civil war between French and Japanese factional American colonial North American militaries to speed up unit navigation.

Nouzilz and Nouzellez came to refer to those which belonged to Nouzil or Nouzelle. Therefore they came into disuse.

As of 2085 A.D. that came to be seldomly used, remaining solely as a war memory.

Nousil - He plural
Nousils - Him plural ( perjorative )
Nouselle - She plural
Nouselles - Her plural ( perjorative )


Je - 私
Vouz - みなさん
Tu - 火-あなた
Nouz - 私たち
Il - 彼
Ilz - 彼
Elle - 彼女
Ellez - 彼女


NouzilzとNouzellezは、NouzilまたはNouzelleに属するものを指すようになりました。 したがって、彼らは使われなくなった。


Nousil - 彼は複数形
Nousils - 彼の複数形(蔑称)
Nouselle - 彼女は複数形
Nouselles - 彼女の複数形(蔑称)

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